Overcome Premature Ejaculation

Overcome premature ejaculation with analgesics & anti-depressants. How does Ejaculation Work? The central nervous system regulates ejaculation. Signals are transferred from the brain and spinal cord to reproductive organs when males achieve a certain level of excitement. There are two stages of ejaculation: emission and expulsion. Step 1: Emission The movement of sperm cells from […]

Persistent Depressive Disorder

Depression is an emotional feeling that can affect day to day activity. Individuals describe depression in different ways; for some, it is just sadness, but it is not that simple for others. A continuous, long-term (chronic) type of depression is a persistent depressive disorder called dysthymia (dis-THIE-me-uh). You can lose interest, feel hopeless, lack productivity, […]

Night Terrors

What is a Night Terror or Sleep Terror? Night terrors, or sleep terrors, are specific terminology for episodes that, especially in children, trigger anxiety at night. They are unlike nightmares. For the person that has them and for their families, they may be distressing. Although people speak of “night terrors,” according to the fifth edition […]